Simple steps of HOMIO installation

1. Design

At the begining simply draw your idea of the lights, switches and blinds location. Select rooms to be sounded. If you already have electricity project lights positions should be part of it.

If you need advice do not hesitate to use the free help in designing your smart living.

2. Wiring

In new buildings, a  wire installation is carried out during the time of the construction works before the plastering. If you do reconstruction of your home, it is possible to carry out the wiring in plasterboard ceilings. Of course, the electrical installation is carried out by a qualified electrician using wires as in a standard electrical installation. The wiring system is very simple, so no electrician will have a problem installing.

If you already have a selected electrician, we will be happy to explain him wiring system to make it as easy as possible for you. If you do not have any electrician contracted, we will provide you one.

3. Switchboard

Installation is mostly the same as with standard  electroinstallation. Circuit breakers and current protectors are carried on same way. Afterwards HOMIO control modules are installed and connected to individual lights, blinds and other home appliances.

After the technical inspection of the switchboard and the installation of lamps and other devices, you can start controlling home appliances with your mobile device.

4. Switches

At this stage switches are being installed. You are able to use any design of power switches. It is possible to use switches from any manufacturer. If you need help choosing them, we will be happy to advise you. Switches are installed after painting to avoid damage.

5. System setup

The functions of each power switch is independent of  wiring  and can be modified at any time. It is easy to setup with your mobile, tablet, or computer.

After installing the switches our technician will perform the default setup that includes smart features to easily control your home.

If you have your own idea to control your smart home, we will focus on implementing them at this stage.

After some time living in your smart home, you will surely come up with ideas to make your home more personalized. You can change it yourself or simply our technicians can do it any time.